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photo by : Evoo73

我对浪漫这个玩意儿没什么要求。我不喜欢情情爱爱的电影和小说。 对我来说,那些东西有些造作和肉麻,也不真实。 所以,Ed是个幸福的男人。不用花脑筋来取我欢心。

可是,昨天 (加拿大的13日), 当其他国家的情人庆祝着情人节时,我没留意到,竟然写了篇‘新年展望’的贴字!啊 !真是太糟糕,太不识情趣了!亲爱的朋友读者们,真不好意思。现在补上,祝你们情人节快乐。

我们今天怎么庆祝呢?嗯,什么都没。我们不要出去吃晚餐,因为人多,我不喜欢。那些什么烛光晚餐的,我不习惯。一碗越南牛肉河粉或一碟泰式青咖哩饭已令我很开心。Ed说,‘唉呀!忘了买鲜花给你!’ ‘不用啦!’ 这句话是真心的。所以,他就真的不买了。哈哈!

不过,我们当然有对彼此说 ‘情人节快乐’ 啦。其实,我天天都会对Ed说 ’I love you babe’ 。 嘻嘻。那不代表我是浪漫的人。我知道Ed很受不了这些肉麻的用语。他越讨厌,我越爱作弄他! 他是个木头,不喜欢这套 – 什么爱我啦,一生一世啦。他不说,我不逼,或者,我放弃逼他。心里知道就好。干嘛逼自己喜欢的人做他不自在的事。


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Happy Valentine's Day !

Happy Valentine's Day !

photo by : blmurch

I am never a romantic person, and I rarely watch/read lovey-dovey movies or novels. Frankly, I find them a little awkward or quite fake. Well, do you really believe in real life men will do all those things the movies and novels tell you they will do? I don’t.  Hence, Ed is a lucky man because I don’t expect any of those things from him.

Anyway, because of I am obviously oblivious of the Valentine’s Day, I posted a New Year Resolution post yesterday (13th in Canada but 14th in most countries), instead of something romantic ! I guess this shows how unmindful I am to all the fuss by the commercials and media on this V-Day.  Nonetheless, to all my friends and readers, wish you all a Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day.

How are we going to celebrate today? Umm…nothing special. We don’t want to go out to eat because we don’t like the crowd. I don’t really care about the candle night dinner because I won’t be comfortable with it anyway. A good bowl of Vietnamese noodles soup or Thai Curry Chicken will make me equally happy ! Ed said, ‘ Oh no ! I forgot to buy you flowers !’ ‘ No worries, it is ok. I don’t care.’ So, he does not.

Yet, of course, we still say Happy V-Day to each other today. In fact, I tell him I love him everyday. Heehee…not because I am a romantic person. Ed is someone who hates this lovey-dovey fuss, and the more he hates it, the more I like to say it to annoy him ! On the other hand, knowing him well, I never force him to say those things to me, or maybe I just give up. What’s the point ? Since deep down I know how much he loves me.

Back to this V-Day, maybe we will go out to eat tomorrow. Shall see…

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