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元宵过了,新的一年正式开始。哈哈,人人的新年在阳历一月一日就开始了, 我的现在才开始。没办法啦,我这人总是慢半拍!

写了08回顾后,我拿了去年定下的新年愿望来看看,很惊讶也很高兴, 原来自己还真完成了好几项(除了第五项) 。虽不是每项都做足一百分,不过总算很努力。


  • 第一 , 安康快乐。吃要吃得健康,继续煲汤,喝茶,学煮一手好菜给Ed (当然也给自己啦)。
  • 第二,修心养性,少发小姐脾气。
  • 第三,要更努力学好中医。回马时,继续向爸爸学习。希望今年好好研读《黄帝内经》和专注妇产科。
  • 第四,部落搬家。突然觉得这里的文章有点散乱,想搬家和整理一下。搬家时会通知大家。
  • 第五,这个嘛,要看我在哪个国家。基于种种原因,我正考虑着回澳十个月左右。如决定留在加拿大,要继续考药剂牌,还有好几张试卷。如回澳洲,要回大学读针灸学。这也是我一直想取得的学位。

五个够啦,不可太贪心。至于,去年没完成的第五项 (开一个中医知识部落格),再看吧。

Finally, the traditional 15-day long Chinese New Year is officially finished a few days ago. So, my ‘new year’ is officially started. Well, I know most people’s new years have started from 1st January.   But for me, who studied so hard for exam, I allow myself to start the new year later. Heehee…

To start a new year, I normally begin with a few new year determinations. Looking back at my 2007 new year resolutions, I am quite surprised and a little overwhelmed that I DID achieve most of them (except no.5) ! Although I can’t say I have achieved them 100% (those goals require continuous effort anyway), at least,  I have tried my best. For example, for someone so fussy like Ed, complimented on my cooking, I think I am doing ok 😉  .

To keep up with the flow and the continuity, this year resolutions are similar to last year.

  1. Oh happiness and health !  Continue my effort in becoming a better cook, eat more at home, drink more teas and boil more soups. All for Ed, of course, for myself too 😉
  2. Just wanna be a better person, so will start with whine less to my hubby !
  3. Continue to improve and deepen my knowledge and experiences in Chinese Medicine. It is my greatest treasure to have a dad who has more than 30 years of experience in Chinese Medicine, so learning from him is a must this year. Hope to focus my studies in Gynaecology and the thousands year-old classic <Yellow Emperor’s Canon Internal Medicine>.
  4. Move this blog to a new domain. I suddenly realised how messy this blog is, moving will help me to do some cleaning up. Will keep everyone in loop if I move.
  5. Ummm….this no.5 will depend on where I will be living this year. Due to a few reasons, I am considering moving back to Australia for 10 months. If I decide to stay in Canada, I will continue my journey to become a registered pharmacist here. If I go back to Australia, I may go back to university to pick another master degree. This time acupuncture, something I wish to do for a while.

Ok, five goals are enough. Don’t want to put too much on myself.

What about the no. 5 goal last year (start a new blog on Chinese Medicine) ? Ummm….shall see….

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上学的,祝学业猛进。工作的,祝事业有成。努力勤奋,站好工作岗位。别多担心经济衰退,船到桥头自然直。不幸失业的,塞翁失马 焉知非福。穷则变,变则通。另一份新的工作,或搞个小生意,转个行,或更多时间陪家人,或终于有时间读书深造等等,你可能会更开心。祝你在新的一年里,有好转机。只要不被小挫折打败,继续努力,将来一定会有好成就!:)

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