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今天,终于买了便宜的电话网络卡上网- 22天任用,才十元。虽然慢得可怜,可也终于还了个心愿- 上网漫游 !

刚刚才加入最近流行的Facebook. 在网上玩了好几个小时。

惨了,我又上瘾了!还好试已考完 🙂

I used to go to library for internet. However, there are lots of restrictions in the library – restriction of times, restriction of sites. I am getting a little bit tired of it and am very frustrated too.

Today, I bought a cheap prepaid dial-up internet connection card. Only $10 for unlimited access for 22 days. Good enough for my remaining stay in Australia. Although it is so so slow, finally, I can go online whenever and whatever I want to !

I have just joined Facebook – the recent hottest online social network. Hee hee ! I have already spent hours online.

Umm…..it is really bad. I am addicted again ! Fortunately my exams are already over 🙂


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