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在这七部中,我的最爱是 : 善.恶.怪 (The Good, The Bad and The Weird) 。这是一部韩国西仔片,也是有史以来花费最贵的韩国电影。 以上是有英文字幕的电影预告片,可是我比较喜欢另一个没英文字幕的预告片(如下)。

这部戏真的是好看得不得了。刺激,好玩,又好笑。有很多次,我真想站起来大声欢呼尖叫。当然,我不可这么失礼,只有大力捉捉坐在旁边的Ed的手,以告诉他 ‘我很喜欢也!’ 我想,在戏院中很多观众与我同感,因我常听到有人忍不住’wow’, ‘wah’ , ‘ah ‘ 地轻呼。

戏后,导演金知云 (Kim Jee-woon) 上台让观众问问题。其中一个是,‘身为韩国导演,你为什选拍这种较冷门的西仔片呢?’ 他说:…‘because it is cool…’

他真的做到了! 这部电影真是太cool 了!

This year Toronto International Film Festival, comes and gone. Though I was very busy with TIFF volunteering work, as well as preparation for the wedding, I still managed to squeeze some times to watch seven films !

Out of these seven films, the one I loved the most, is the western movies made by a Korean director, Kim Jee-woon – The Good, The Bad and The Weird. It is also the biggest-budget Korean film ever made in the history so far. The above is its trailer with English subtitles. I also posted another trailer without subtitles (as below) which I like better.

This movie was just fantastic ! Awesome, funny, lots of adrenaline and weird ! I was so hyped up and nearly wanted to jump off the seat and shouted ‘I love this !’. Of course, I could not do this in the cinema. The only way to show my mad love to this film was to squeezed Ed’s hand tightly. Poor Ed ! 😉 I think there were many audiences felt the way because I could hear many ‘wow’, ‘wah’, ‘ahh’ in the cinema.

After the movie, there was a Q & A session with the director. Someone asked, ‘ as Korean director, what make you wanting to make a western genre movie? ‘ Kim Jee-woon answered coolly, ‘ …..because it is cool…’

And he did just that !

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