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As I mentioned in my previous post, I wish to move this blog to a new domain. One day, I suddenly found my stuffs here are a little messy, moving will force me to re-organise them.

Also, I have been thinking of having a theme in my blog. I personally like blogs that have themes, for example, my favouraite blog theme is FOOD ! Heehee….There is always a reason to go back to that blog to find good food. Though I love food, I don’t want to manage a food blog. Just the thought of a food blog already makes me feel like I have gained some weights ! Haha !

I enjoy writing down my daily whining and blah-blah-blah. However, over the past 2 years, somehow I have evolved from writinng a blog only focusing on myself, to hoping to focus my enery in writing something I think will be useful for people, yet still maintain a nice personal touch. Otherwise, we can always go to many professional websites about certain topics.

So, for the past few days, I have been thinking – what am I really passionate about? What is that something I can give back?  Travel and life as an immigrant in two countries….I guess. This is something I have been doing for the past 15 years. Maybe, by sharing more stories about living (well) in other countries will help some immigatants or give some lights to those who wish to do the same. You reckon?

It is also about time for me to sit down and write all my backpacking and trekking experiences. And of course, food still within this category – travel and looking for good food, immgrant looking for homely food. Three in one.Yay !

Umm…so, theme is immigrant’s life and travel. What do you think? What do you like the most in this blog? I guess I have been doing this here anyway, just need to be more focus?

However, the headache is, what domain name I want ? I think and think and think, but still can’t think of a good name. My friends, may I borrow some of your brain cells and creativity.

  • shirls.com – taken.
  • msshirls.com – too chessy. Ed said, it sounds like a lingerie company !
  • xuefen.com – taken.
  • sihai.com – taken
  • shirlschong.com – how’s this? Out of this list, I guess this is the most logical one?
  • 2worlds3homes.com – umm…what do you think? I do live in 2 different worlds (east & west) constantly, and I do have 3 homes. But what if Ed and I move to another country, which is highly possible ! 🙂
  • shirleychong.com – taken.
  • whinywifey. com – heehee…this is only for fun. I like this because I am whiny. But it does not reflect my blog identity. It is more like a desperate housewife blog! So, it is NO.

Does anyone have any suggestion? Could you help me think of a cool, simple, easy to remember domain name? Please feel free to leave many comments and suggestions for me !

Last but not least, I think most of you who read my blog are bilingual readers anyway, right? So, I am thinking probably I should just write in Chinese intead of both languages. What do you think?

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元宵过了,新的一年正式开始。哈哈,人人的新年在阳历一月一日就开始了, 我的现在才开始。没办法啦,我这人总是慢半拍!

写了08回顾后,我拿了去年定下的新年愿望来看看,很惊讶也很高兴, 原来自己还真完成了好几项(除了第五项) 。虽不是每项都做足一百分,不过总算很努力。


  • 第一 , 安康快乐。吃要吃得健康,继续煲汤,喝茶,学煮一手好菜给Ed (当然也给自己啦)。
  • 第二,修心养性,少发小姐脾气。
  • 第三,要更努力学好中医。回马时,继续向爸爸学习。希望今年好好研读《黄帝内经》和专注妇产科。
  • 第四,部落搬家。突然觉得这里的文章有点散乱,想搬家和整理一下。搬家时会通知大家。
  • 第五,这个嘛,要看我在哪个国家。基于种种原因,我正考虑着回澳十个月左右。如决定留在加拿大,要继续考药剂牌,还有好几张试卷。如回澳洲,要回大学读针灸学。这也是我一直想取得的学位。

五个够啦,不可太贪心。至于,去年没完成的第五项 (开一个中医知识部落格),再看吧。

Finally, the traditional 15-day long Chinese New Year is officially finished a few days ago. So, my ‘new year’ is officially started. Well, I know most people’s new years have started from 1st January.   But for me, who studied so hard for exam, I allow myself to start the new year later. Heehee…

To start a new year, I normally begin with a few new year determinations. Looking back at my 2007 new year resolutions, I am quite surprised and a little overwhelmed that I DID achieve most of them (except no.5) ! Although I can’t say I have achieved them 100% (those goals require continuous effort anyway), at least,  I have tried my best. For example, for someone so fussy like Ed, complimented on my cooking, I think I am doing ok 😉  .

To keep up with the flow and the continuity, this year resolutions are similar to last year.

  1. Oh happiness and health !  Continue my effort in becoming a better cook, eat more at home, drink more teas and boil more soups. All for Ed, of course, for myself too 😉
  2. Just wanna be a better person, so will start with whine less to my hubby !
  3. Continue to improve and deepen my knowledge and experiences in Chinese Medicine. It is my greatest treasure to have a dad who has more than 30 years of experience in Chinese Medicine, so learning from him is a must this year. Hope to focus my studies in Gynaecology and the thousands year-old classic <Yellow Emperor’s Canon Internal Medicine>.
  4. Move this blog to a new domain. I suddenly realised how messy this blog is, moving will help me to do some cleaning up. Will keep everyone in loop if I move.
  5. Ummm….this no.5 will depend on where I will be living this year. Due to a few reasons, I am considering moving back to Australia for 10 months. If I decide to stay in Canada, I will continue my journey to become a registered pharmacist here. If I go back to Australia, I may go back to university to pick another master degree. This time acupuncture, something I wish to do for a while.

Ok, five goals are enough. Don’t want to put too much on myself.

What about the no. 5 goal last year (start a new blog on Chinese Medicine) ? Ummm….shall see….

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(Dear English readers, please scroll down to find the ‘click’ for English translation.)

这几天, 感觉很奇怪。因为,突然有许多马来西亚的中学朋友加入Facebook, 和他们的联络突然多了。

我加入Facebook 有好几个月了。刚开始时,我也有相同的奇怪感觉。因为,我在Facebook遇上了七年前在尼泊尔旅行认识的英国朋友,还有当地的朋友。那时,我好兴奋,我们也吵着要搞一个尼泊尔七年之痒加重聚之旅。当然也只是说说。

这十多年在外国的生活,我虽从没有和中学朋友失去联络。可也只是我一年回马一次时,出来吃吃,见见面。见的也只是较相熟的几个朋友。偶尔一,两次大型的聚会,可人多,也很少真的聊到什么。平时,大家忙大家的,电邮也很少。现在,大家在Facebook, 虽也没真的聊到什么,感觉还是较‘贴近’了。要‘见’他们也较容易,也不用担心他们的电邮地址有没更新。


往另一 方想,我和几个有写部落的朋友,也已少写电邮了。想他们时,就上部落找他们。我们有时懒得重复,就会说:上我的部落格看就知道啦。可也是,有些每天生活的细节在电邮也未必可以详述。只是,偶尔会搞不清,到底网际生活是拉近了,还是疏远了,彼此的距离。


现在,我也常用Skype。虽远在它方, 我可以与家人朋友聊天,可以’见’到他们。 感觉像他们就在我身边。我也听网上电台。 虽住在多伦多, 我听的却是LA的电台。有一天, 心血来朝开香港电台来听,我还以为我已到了香港。 想念澳洲时,只要时间配合好,我可以听到我爱听的澳洲电台。要知道马来西亚或澳洲的新闻,一上网就知道。

有时会疑惑 : 我到底身在何处? 这到底是我虚拟的世界,还是我真实的生活?网际的生活和真实的生活再也难分。


please click here for English translation

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I have been sitting in front of the computer in library for more than half an hour now. Although I have many things to share, just could not put words together for a post. As much as I love my exciting life I have in Melbourne, I guess somehow this busy life has taken away my patience for writing and blogging.

For me, writing is the time that I give myself to reflect and to contemplate on my daily life or just anything. And this blog has become a platform to share my daily life, some thoughts, some feelings and some observations that I have put into writing.

I am quite a slow person, a short post in this blog can take me more than an hour to compose. I have to put extra effort to look deep inside and to express what I find inside clearly is not easy for me. This is because my thoughts are not coherent and quite random most of the times, not to mention my poor language skills. I can feel something, and I can understand deep inside but it is not easy to put them into words and try to express it in a way that make sense to others, as well as give some meanings to myself and others.

It is exactly of this reason, I like writing (hence blogging). I enjoy the journey and at the end of it, I feel that I have understood myself at a deeper level.

Writing and blogging need patience and times and I am not a patient person and recently has no time for them.

Suddenly, I realised how much I miss writing and blogging. Not necessary missing the free times for them, but missing the journey of refelction, digging inside and clearing some thoughts.

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I thought I finally have times to sit down to write downs some thoughts, experiences or new life in Canada. However, I think I spend more time in learning the blogging website like Blogger or WordPress, rather than writing. Since I am not too literate in computer and websites, it has become quite frustrating. My mind is always full of how to solve some technical problems etc, sometimes stay up late or waking up early for it. Hopefully it is not yet to the stage of damaging my health, but it starts to get a bit damaging to my relationship with my boyfriend because I only care about the blog now 🙂

To make myself feel better, I come up with 10 reasons for blogging :

  1. a good way to learn something new (at least for me who does not know much about internet, except emailing). “To learn something new is always difficult at the beginning. Don’t give up !” – I tell myself.
  2. in the future, when I have my own bussiness, this will help.
  3. the blog also serves as a form of sharing and communications with my family and friends
  4. keeping a journal
  5. practise my writing skills in both Chinese and English (my apology to everyone because I know I may have already made many grammar mistakes. Thanking for tolerating them. I hope I will get better eventually)
  6. force myself to have some times to manage some of my thoughts because my mind always running too wild. Putting into words will help.
  7. pay more attentions to details and do some simple researches if I want to write something more serious
  8. it serves as a motivation for me to learn photography if I wish to share photos in the blog (though I never think I have the talent for photography)
  9. a dream comes true for me because I used to dream of owning my own magazine or writing a book (it is only one of my many dreams 🙂
  10. finally, if my blog is lucky enough to be found from the hundreds millions of blogs, I hope what I write (though some times only small little things in daily life) will give some inspirations and hope, and touch someone’s (even only one) heart. I think a more positive voice is important for the world right now.

I fully understand the 10th reason is one of my another BIG dreams. My boyfriend does not believe anyone will read my stuff, except my mum. He is a bit mean in this but it has some truths, I guess. Also, my boyfriend thinks that what I write is too serious, sometimes, chessy or pretentious for other bloggers and blog readers. I guess so too. He also does not believes my blog will last more than three months ! Well, I am not disappointed by it.

Whatever it is, I enjoy what I am doing now, and I have 10 reasons for it !

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