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刚抵多伦多的第一星期,Ed刚好病了,我则努力跟时差战斗。加上,那时天天有雨,Ed拿了病假,我俩在家看戏和呼呼大睡。很幸运的是,我们看的戏都很不错。有,Helen Miren 的Elizabeth I 短剧,Juno, La En Vie Rose 等。当然,还跑去看新鲜热辣的 Wall-E。很棒!

第二个星期,天气转晴,阳光普照。Ed病好了,我则不再半夜眼睛张大大或下午打磕睡。加上是加拿大国庆 (上图),Ed有四天假,我俩和家人朋友聚聚,到处逛逛 ,也见证了加拿大人热爱阳光的一面。

现在,第三个星期,日子终于恢复’正常’。Ed去上班,我在家里悠闲,上网和朋友聊天,做做家务,写写部落…. 其实,有很多事情要办,如:找新公寓搬家,办药剂公考手续,准备考试,等等。都在做着,只是进展不大。唉 !

As per request from friends, and since I have not been calling home recently, let me briefly update what I have been up to.

I have been back to Toronto for more than two weeks now. Although I have been away for half a year, interestingly, I still remember the details of this city. Only when I was lost and got off at the wrong subway station has reminded me that I have been away for a while. Other than that, things are the same – Ed remains the same (haha, yup 😉 ) , and there isn’t much changes in our home, I feel as if I have never left here. Oh yes, the only one huge difference is, there is no traces of snow on the street, and I don’t have to wear layers of clothing anymore. Yay!

The first week I arrived Toronto, I was struggling with jetlag and Ed was sick. He took a sickie and the weather was rainy, so we stayed home, either watched movies or just slept like a baby. The good thing is, most movies we watched (like Helen Mirren’s Elizabeth I short series, Juno, La En Vie Rose, and of course the new absolute gem from Pixar – Wall-E) are pretty cool. So, we were happy.

The second week, the weather turned fabulous, clear and sunshine. Ed had recovered and I wasn’t sleepy during the day anymore, plus it was Canada Day long weekend (pictures above), we finally ventured out from home.  We caught up with family and friends, walked around downtown, and I saw the summer madness here.

Now, entering my third week here, life is getting back to ‘normal’. Ed goes to work five days a week as usual, and I stay home doing not too much, cleaning, cooking, surfing, chatting online, blogging (finally) ….yup, doing them ‘leisurely’ too. Frankly, I have a long to-do-list and plenty of plans, for example, looking for new apartment to move, sending application for Pharmacy Registration exams, preparing the exams and etc. Well, I am trying hard to work on them, but procrastinatingly, as usual…..

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