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I woke up this morning, checked the results of Australia Election. Whoo-hoo ! Labor Party won ! I checked my email account. I received an email from an Australian friend, she too, thinks Whoo-hoo!

Normally, I am not a very politically sensitive person. Yet, never before, I pay so much attention to this election. When I went back to Australia recently, I could feel the change of atmosphere. I feel the importance of this Election, and have kept a closed eye to it since. I feel, something significant and historic is going to happen….

Under Howard’s government, although Australia has unbroken 11 years of economic growth, people are generally not happy. There is a long term drought; young soldiers are being sent to Iraq; Australians worry about climate change and Kyoto Protocol issues; there are new laws which hand too much power to employers, etc etc. There are something money can’t buy. As much as there might be a factor of ‘ time for a change’, Australians have courageously chosen something more important than economic. They want better health, better education and better environment, which Labor Party promised.

Although we are continuously disappointed by the promises of government, although it seems like there are always these ‘dark forces’ in politics that things are not get done the way it should be or promised, and etc etc. At least, this election shows me that Australians have spoken, loudly and clearly, to the people-in-charge, what they really want and what is important to them now. Go Aussie ! As someone who has lived in Australia for the last 13 years, I feel really proud !

Australians have done their part, now and the next, which is the most important : Mr Rudd and your team, now is your turn, please do your part well !

I think Australia is now entering a new and exciting phase. The world is watching. Just like my friend said, she now has more hope that Australia will move towards a more compassionate stand in the world.

And I asked Ed this morning : Do you want to go back to Australia ?….

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