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在新加坡的牛车水拍到这张照片 – 米奇老鼠向大家拜年! 🙂



Ed这半 个鬼佬开始时,不明就理,还错以为迪斯尼公司大花手笔在亚洲拉客。


好啦,费话少说,要在大年初一祝大家新年行好运, 万事顺利和身体健康! 🙂

I took the above photo in Chinatown in Singapore – Mickey Mouse and friends send their best wishes for Chinese New Year.

Apart from the huge models, we also saw Mickey in many new year decorations. Initially, Ed who is quite westernised, was quite confused and wondered why Disney spend so much monies for Chinese New Year this year. I told him this year is the year of Rat according to Chinese calendar, that’s why mouse is the main character this year. Only then, he realised why Mickey Mouse has suddenly become popular.

Anyway, on this first day of Chinese New Year, I wish everyone has a great year ahead with abundant joy and prosperity and excellent health. 🙂

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