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Though I am studying, I still can’t resist to read my 2 + 2 daily ‘newspapers’ online.

One is – The Globe and Mail, for Canada news.

One is – The Age, for Melbourne, Australia news.

Sometimes, when things get interesting across the boarder, I read New York Times.

Sometimes, I read Sin Chew Chinese newspapers or Malaysiakini online, for Malaysia news.

The world is currenly going through an interesting and trying time, I feel that to be a responsible world citizen, I need to be informed. Or is it because of my experiences in the above different countries that make me want to know more, and care for more? I think that plays an important part too.

Thanks to the internet. Otherwise, I would not know the world simply by a click away.

Sometimes, I think : will news online eventually replace newspapers completely? Maybe?

Do I still read ‘real’ newspapers ? Only once every 2 week, I think, except when I am back home in Malaysia.

I still love the ideas of holding the newspapers in the sofa or bed, read them with a cup of coffee or tea. And there are more articles in the printed edition. However, to save the papers, and to know the world better and faster, I have gone to the internet…


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