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黄大仙庙是香港著名的寺庙。听说它有求必应。我在十年前旅港时,曾慕名而来, 见识过它的香火鼎盛。这次旧地重游。朋友笑问我是为求签吗,我说没啦。

这次人不多。没上次把我薰得头晕的浓浓烟火。不知是今年香港经济好转了,人安稳了, 就少来这了。还是因为时间不对,人潮未到。

Wang Tai Sin Temple is a famous temple in Hong Kong, it is famous for its god to grant whatever is requested. Ten years ago, during my first visit to Hong Kong, I came here – saw hundreds of people praying sincerely and could feel their earnest plea to the god.

It is also famous for its fortune telling. The worshippers light worship sticks, kneel before the main altar, make a wish, and shake a bamboo cylinder containing fortune sticks until one falls out. The stick is exchanged for a piece of paper bearing the same number, and the soothsayer then interprets the fortune on the paper for the worshipper. Friends teased me if I wanted to ask for my fortune, I smiled and said no.

The temple was quieter this time. Probably because Hong Kong economic has finally improved over the last year, people have more stable life and find fewer reasons to visit here. Or simply because I came at the wrong time and the crowd had not arrived yet.

难得清静,我在那逗留了至少三十多分钟,可相中的老婆婆也在那拜了那么久。我站在一个角落,手提相机,一边拍照,一边在想 :不知老婆婆在为什么烦恼,为了什么求签。人老了,该没什么可求的。我想,是担心子女儿孙吧。

看她那虔诚, 看她那忧忧的神情,我不禁也起了个祈愿。默默地为老婆婆祈求,希望她老人家健康安稳,子女儿孙渡过难关,可好好孝顺她,让她享一享清福。

Whatever the reason, I enjoyed the quietness and had stayed there for more than half an hour. The old lady in the photo was there praying, shaking the cylinder containing fortune sticks over and over again for the same amount of time. I stood quietly in a corner, while taking many photos of hers, I was wondering what bothering her and what were her wishes. For her age, I guess probably nothing could bother her anymore except worrying of her children or grandchildren.

I was touched by her sincerity and concerned by her distressing look, I found myself praying – praying for her health and happiness, praying for her children or grandchildren to be able to overcome all obstacles in life, hence able to look after her well and to provide her with a better life….

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