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As I mentioned in my previous post, I wish to move this blog to a new domain. One day, I suddenly found my stuffs here are a little messy, moving will force me to re-organise them.

Also, I have been thinking of having a theme in my blog. I personally like blogs that have themes, for example, my favouraite blog theme is FOOD ! Heehee….There is always a reason to go back to that blog to find good food. Though I love food, I don’t want to manage a food blog. Just the thought of a food blog already makes me feel like I have gained some weights ! Haha !

I enjoy writing down my daily whining and blah-blah-blah. However, over the past 2 years, somehow I have evolved from writinng a blog only focusing on myself, to hoping to focus my enery in writing something I think will be useful for people, yet still maintain a nice personal touch. Otherwise, we can always go to many professional websites about certain topics.

So, for the past few days, I have been thinking – what am I really passionate about? What is that something I can give back?  Travel and life as an immigrant in two countries….I guess. This is something I have been doing for the past 15 years. Maybe, by sharing more stories about living (well) in other countries will help some immigatants or give some lights to those who wish to do the same. You reckon?

It is also about time for me to sit down and write all my backpacking and trekking experiences. And of course, food still within this category – travel and looking for good food, immgrant looking for homely food. Three in one.Yay !

Umm…so, theme is immigrant’s life and travel. What do you think? What do you like the most in this blog? I guess I have been doing this here anyway, just need to be more focus?

However, the headache is, what domain name I want ? I think and think and think, but still can’t think of a good name. My friends, may I borrow some of your brain cells and creativity.

  • shirls.com – taken.
  • msshirls.com – too chessy. Ed said, it sounds like a lingerie company !
  • xuefen.com – taken.
  • sihai.com – taken
  • shirlschong.com – how’s this? Out of this list, I guess this is the most logical one?
  • 2worlds3homes.com – umm…what do you think? I do live in 2 different worlds (east & west) constantly, and I do have 3 homes. But what if Ed and I move to another country, which is highly possible ! 🙂
  • shirleychong.com – taken.
  • whinywifey. com – heehee…this is only for fun. I like this because I am whiny. But it does not reflect my blog identity. It is more like a desperate housewife blog! So, it is NO.

Does anyone have any suggestion? Could you help me think of a cool, simple, easy to remember domain name? Please feel free to leave many comments and suggestions for me !

Last but not least, I think most of you who read my blog are bilingual readers anyway, right? So, I am thinking probably I should just write in Chinese intead of both languages. What do you think?


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