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记得,约十年前,我药剂行的澳洲洋人老板问我,“你是华人,不庆祝圣诞的,对吗?你是佛教徒,不庆祝圣诞的,对吗?那你在圣诞当天上班一定没问题吧?"这哪是问我,简直是要我内疚,要我上班 (注:我是那间药剂行唯一的亚裔药剂师。那间药剂行365天都开足13个小时)。

我心里算一算,“哗!十三个小时,双倍工钱,即可赚二十六小时的工钱。划算划算。” 那时,我刚大学毕业,穷,又要学人储钱旅行,傻。我假装推迟一下,就答应下来了。反正,我是真的不庆祝圣诞的。接下来的五,六年,我的圣诞都是在店铺里过,从早上七点到晚上十点。我一点都不在意,顾客很少,很空闲,不难挨过。

一直到四年前,圣诞还是与我无关。没想到,现在,圣诞突然变得这么重要 -圣诞树, 礼物,卡片,火鸡,团圆,假期,派对,还有白雪飘飘。


今早起来,我忘了昨晚思考的问题,匆匆赶去预定两个蛋糕 – 一个要带去明晚朋友家的派对,一个要带去圣诞晚Ed大家族的团圆晚餐。今天不预定,明天一定卖清光!26日晚,和Ed父母吃饭要带的已准备....


Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

Last night, I was talking to myself while I was wrapping Christmas presents….

I still remember vividly how my boss asked me to work on Christmas Day. It was about 10 years ago, ‘Shirley, you are a Chinese, Chinese doesn’t celebrate Christmas, right? You are a Buddhist, Buddhist does not celebrate Christmas, right? So, I think you are the best person to work on Christmas Day !’ Since I was the only Asian in the pharmacy, and he was right about a Chinese Buddhist (plus as a immigrant whose family is in Malaysia) does not celebrate Christmas.

So, I accepted the offer. Well, who won’t? The shop opened on Christmas Day for 13 hours, and I got paid double. In fact, being a poor newly graduate who dreamed of saving for travel, I felt grateful to have the shift ! Since then, my boss never failed to give me the Christmas shift and all my Christmas for the following 5 or 6 years were spent in the pharmacy from 7am to 10pm. Frankly, I did not mind at all. The pharmacy was normally quiet on Christmas Day and it was not a difficult shift.

It was not until 4 years ago, I stopped working on Christmas Day. Prior to that, Christmas was just another day for me. I am surprised to realise that it has suddenly become important in my life – the Christmas tree, Christmas presents, the turkey, Christmas parties, family gathering, holiday, Christmas cards,  and the previously unthinkable White Christmas. I have them all now.

Life is interesting, just a small twist and turn, previously important things are no longer important, and what never appeared important has suddenly play an important role in my life….

Woke up this morning, totally forgot what I was pondering last night, I rushed to Loblaws to order two cakes – one for tomorrow night Christmas Eve dinner with friends, one for Christmas Day dinner with Ed’s extended family.  I know if I don’t order today, I will have trouble getting the cakes I want tomorrow. And we have already prepared what we want to bring for 26th dinner with Ed’s parents….

Merry Christmas to you all !!!

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