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Indian gay men dressed up in sari in Pride Parade in Toronto.

The above two photos were from my boyfriend from Toronto again.

They were taken during the Pride Parade in Downtown Toronto. Pride March is a special annual event organised by gay and lesbian communities in Toronto. Although it is not as international famous as the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade, it was big enough to attract more than 100 thousands people to Downtown Toronto.

Well, I was not there but studying hard in Melbourne. I could, however, see the fun and pride in this Pride Parade 🙂

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Do you believe sunset can be so stunning in front of your apartment ?

The photo was taken by my boyfriend in Toronto last evening.

Though I missed the sunset, it definitely brightens up my spirit to study for the two upcoming big, fat exams on next Monday 🙂

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It is winter again !

In Australia, winter started officially on 1st June. This is the THIRD winter for me in less than one year ! Winter was just over in Australia when I left Melbourne last year. I went to Canada and had my first white winter there. Now, i am back to Melbourne and was lucky to enjoy a couple of weeks of some sunshine but the cool is slowly taking over now. It has been quite cool for the last few days, average about 10-14 celcius during the day.

People may think after I had experienced the freezing white coldness in Toronto, I should be able to handle the winter in Melbourne, since it rarely go below zero. Unfortunately, the heating system in Melbuorne is not as adequate compare to Toronto. In Toronto, the heating system is so good that I dress like summer (just a T-shirt is enough) indoor. In Melbuorne, unless if the house has ducted heating, most houses, particulary apartments only have heaters indoor. So, I am freezing cold indoor and have to wear a few layers !

The worst thing is, when I look at the calendar and noticed that the time I am going back to Toronto is highly likely the winter time there again ! It seems like I am chasing after the winter !

Poor me ! I am extremely tired of winter !

Wonder when the winter is going to finish ?

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One exam is over ! Yeah !

Three more to go.

Can’t wait to finish all these and have my life back !

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I have been sitting in front of the computer in library for more than half an hour now. Although I have many things to share, just could not put words together for a post. As much as I love my exciting life I have in Melbourne, I guess somehow this busy life has taken away my patience for writing and blogging.

For me, writing is the time that I give myself to reflect and to contemplate on my daily life or just anything. And this blog has become a platform to share my daily life, some thoughts, some feelings and some observations that I have put into writing.

I am quite a slow person, a short post in this blog can take me more than an hour to compose. I have to put extra effort to look deep inside and to express what I find inside clearly is not easy for me. This is because my thoughts are not coherent and quite random most of the times, not to mention my poor language skills. I can feel something, and I can understand deep inside but it is not easy to put them into words and try to express it in a way that make sense to others, as well as give some meanings to myself and others.

It is exactly of this reason, I like writing (hence blogging). I enjoy the journey and at the end of it, I feel that I have understood myself at a deeper level.

Writing and blogging need patience and times and I am not a patient person and recently has no time for them.

Suddenly, I realised how much I miss writing and blogging. Not necessary missing the free times for them, but missing the journey of refelction, digging inside and clearing some thoughts.

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