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Halloween at Elora

Halloween at Elora

两个星期前,Ed带我去一个小镇, Elora, 看秋叶。


怎么样?超棒吧? 铁线加棉纱,就是是鬼怪妖精,厉害!






Two weekends ago on a drive to see autumn leaves colours, Ed and I went to a small artsy village town just outside of Toronto called Elora.

The most interesting thing about the villatge were the decorations they did for Halloween, by far the most elobrate and createive I’ve seen.  The town organised an artist(or a group of artists) to build goulish scuptures out of metal wire and cotton gauze.  The above photos were taken in the front of the Elora tourist center but the village had set up scupltures all over the main street and shops.

Tomorrow night is Halloween (All Hallows’ Even) so enjoy the celebration of ghosts and goblins and have fun !!!

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今天在博客ah bob的部落读到他捐骨髓的经验很被感动。

以前, 常在报章上读到找适合骨髓的艰难。

即使找到了, 捐的人可能远在他方。

骨髓常需要’坐’ 特别班机马上送到等等的报道。



我这里不多说。有兴趣阅读ah bob 经验的,请点击这里


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忙什么呢?我这个‘空闲小姐’没事找事情做 - 想学人做生意。反正,我现在有空,不可以工作,又不好意思不断向老公伸手要钱,于是,想做做小本生意。

加上,Ed 的工作是国际性的,而我的药剂师职业则是区域性的。即是,每到另一个国家都要考牌。没牌就休想做药剂师,中医这行也开始往这种专业医药人士的方向走。以后,如果 Ed 要到其他国家工作的话,我又会变成量地官啰。这是我们之间最伤脑筋的问题。所以,要是我转行做一些国际性行业,不用考牌的,那就方便多了。

于是,我挖空脑袋想啊想的,做什么好呢?marketing? IT? 或者,卖什么好呢?最后,想起我一直想向洋人推广中医基本草药养生调养的概念。如,天气热时,喝凉茶。身体虚弱时,喝补药等。不过,在西方国家,如果没医学证明, 不可以乱‘吹嘘’,什么都有法律控制。很多中医经验暂时只被当成传统, 对他们来说是没医学证明的。加上他们对中医不了解,很难说明白。除非我有自己的中医馆时,不然现在还不是时候。

有趣的是,当我做市场调查时,发现喝茶最近很流行。洋人突然对茶,尤其是绿茶很有兴趣,主要是因为很多研究成果说绿茶有antioxidants, 对身体有益。于是,人人要喝茶,其他的种类的茶叶也变得热门起来。

多伦多一间以烹饪有名的学院 George Brown College 开办了 Tea Sommelier 的课程。Sommelier 多用在专业斟酒服务员上,即是对酒很有研究和受过训练的人。现在,茶这行业也开始需要受过训练的人。我觉得够特别,就去上课了。每堂课都要品赏不同的茶,很好玩的。


I am quite busy recently. Well, a lady of leisure can be busy too 🙂

What am I busy with? To fill my days, I always try to come up with various ideas to keep myself busy. Lately, I am into learning how to start my own business. Still waiting for the visa application which is taking forever, and I can’t work but don’t want to keep asking money from my hubby, I figure that if I could own a small business, I will have more financial independence.

In addition to that, Ed’s job needs to travel when necessary, but mine is very restricted by the licencing of pharmacy profession of each country. It means I need to sit for exams whenever I go to a new country, like now in Canada. So, if Ed has job offer elsewhere, I will practically become jobless again, only if I pass all the required exams AGAIN in the new country. Being a Traditional Chinese herbalist will have the same problem too. This is a main issue for us. Either he changes his career or me. So, then I think, why not I try something completely different, something does not need licencing.

I think and think hard, what else can I do? Marketing? IT? or sell something? I then remember that I once had a vision, hoping to educate westerners about well-being maintenance by using some very mild Chinese herbs in everyday living. Most Chinese know how, it is built into our culture. For example, when the weather becomes very warm, we know we have to drink ‘cooling tea’ to help to balance heat. When we feel weak and tired, we know what herbs to cook to help nourish our bodies. However, due to the strict regulations in most developed countries, advertising these sort of ‘functions’ may fall into health claims which are not allowed, unless they are been proven clinically. Unfortunately, most Chinese herbal usage at home are not proven yet, and only remains as culture. Moreover, most westerners are still very new to Chinese medicine, some widely acceptable drink or soups Chinese use may take them some time to understand. So, I think, this idea does not work at this stage until I have my own Chinese medicine clinic.

Interestingly, when I was doing my market research, I noticed there is an increased trend of drinking tea, especially green tea in Canada. Mainly due to the many health benefits been proven in studies, especially the high content of antioxidants. More exposure to green tea, also promote more interests in other specialty tea.

Even George Brown College (which is famous for their culinary art courses) has started a Tea Sommelier Certificate course. Sommelier is more commonly used in hospitality staffs who are trained in wine knowledge and tasting, now obviously there is a need for such trained people in tea industry too. I found it fascinating, hence take the course and I love it ! 🙂

While attending the course, the idea of having my own tea business starts to come about. Well, I won’t have money to open my own tea shop, but I can start online, right? I don’t think I can earn any money, as Ed’s predicted, at least is for interest and for fun. I can easily throw in some special chinese herbal tea products, which is in line with my vision of promoting them eventually. Being a Chinese, I am exposed to tea since a very young age, so I hope it is not too hard for me. And, tea is seen as a healthy beverage also goes well with my profession. So, perfect !!

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Fall Colours at Calabogie Lake

Fall Colours at Calabogie Lake


去年我忙着写Mount Tremblant, 忘了解释什么是感恩节。今天就先谈一谈吧。

感恩节是北美特有的节庆,约始于16或17世纪,为了感谢上天赐予的好收成。由于加拿大位置偏北,冬天来得早,所以加国的感恩节比美国早一个月左右 (加拿大感恩节在十月的第二个星期一,美国则在十一月的第四个星期四)。依传统,感恩节是一家团聚吃一顿丰富火鸡晚餐的节日。在加拿大,很多人趁这个三天假期到郊外休息和看秋叶。

Last Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving Day is unique to North America. It is believed that Thanksgiving started around 16 to 17 century. It is a day to express gratitute for the things one has at the end of the harvest season. Locating more north and with a colder weather, Canada celebrates its Thanksgiving about one month earlier than USA. (Canada’s Thanksgiving is on 2nd Monday of October, and USA on 4th Thursday of November).

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a day for families to get together and enjoy a large meal, usually centred around a large roasted turkey. Often, it is also popular long weekend cottage getaway and to observe the autumn leaves.

Calabogie Lake and Resort

Calabogie Lake and Resort

就如去年的感恩节,今年我们和Ed弟弟的一家人租了一间郊外屋舍(cottage) 来渡感恩节。这次Ed弟弟选了一个人烟稀少的小地方 – Calabogie,它离多伦多约五个小时车程。这个小镇主要依旅游业来维生。镇上有座小山。兴建Mt Tremblant 的发展商在这里也建了个小型的滑雪场(如图)。山小,很适合新手学滑雪。

有趣的是,没下雪的日子,很多脚车手来这里downhill mountain biking (嘻嘻,抱歉,不知道它的中文翻译)。 Downhill mountain biking 就是,坐平时滑雪的缆车上山顶,再坐特别设计的脚车,一路从山顶‘滑’下山脚。做这种运动的都是年轻小伙子,为刺激。这还是我头一次见到这种运动,看他们脚踏车下山坡的速度,真为他们捏一把冷汗。

Like last year, Ed’s brother family and us booked a cottage for this Thanksgiving. Unlike Mount Tremblant, this time we chose a much quieter small town – Calabogie. It is about 4 to 5 hours drive from Toronto. Tourism is the many economy here, and there are also skiing facilities, built by the same company who developed Mount Tremblant. The hill is pretty small, hence it is a good place for skiing beginners.

Interestingly, the ski lifts are used by downhill mountain bikers during summertime. They take the lifts to the top of the hill, then go downhill with their bikes. We saw a group of young bikers, obviously, enjoying the speed and thrills for this possible last sunny weekend before winter arrive.

Sunrise at Calabogie Lake

Sunrise at Calabogie Lake




The Calabogie Lake and the Calabogie Peak in town make this place a paradise for cottage getaway, especially for people from Ottawa, which is only one hour away. Many of them buy cottages here, like the one we booked is owned by Ed’s sister-in-law’s colleague. Our cottage is located right next to the water. Everyone morning, the beautiful sunrise wakes us up, to see the stunning pink dye at the sky and on the water.

Ed’s brother’s family has been here a few times, they know this area really well. Thanks for the gorgeous weather last weekend, we were able to jam-pack many outdoor activities throughout. In the morning, we would go out for a hike, then a bike ride in the afternoon, then boat rolling during the evening. After dinner, we then set up a camp fire next to lake, and enjoyed full moon in the sky ! It was absolutely a perfect long weekend away !

We love this place so much that we already started talking about another getaway here next year summer !

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最近几天很多人找有关Nuit Blanche 的资料找到这里来

嗯,今晚就是Nuit Blanche (即白色的夜晚)了。





那,今晚见了! 🙂

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几个星期前,我提到和DM夫妇到Sandbank 省公园露营。Sankbank 座落在Prince Edward County (爱德华王子县), 离多伦多市约两个半小时车程。

上个周末,我们和DM夫妇又到爱德华王子县一趟。这次是为了一个叫Taste! 的Food and Wine Show (美食加美酒展)。


Buddha Dog Caravan (Buddha Dog 的大篷车)

Buddha Dog Caravan (Buddha Dog 的大篷车)

我们不敢怠慢,马上去Buddha Dog的大篷车前排队(如图)。Buddha Dog是个卖‘高级‘热狗的小餐厅 (不像多伦多街边的热狗)。他们要将爱德华王子县内最好的一面呈现给顾客。所以,做热狗用的所有材料都是县内最好的。这次,他们为人们带来了用火鸡肉做的热狗。用火鸡肉是要像征感恩节,因为上几届的Taste! 都是在感恩节周末举办,今年除外。



DM夫妇是‘好食‘之人,也是美食专家。我就是从他们身上慢慢学会吃出食物配对酒时的不同。(参阅法国大餐)。所以,在这个难得学习的机会中,我当然每吃一种食物都坚持要有相配的酒。哈哈! 还好,每杯酒的份量都不多,我没喝醉 😉


Elk Goulash Poutine with 5 year old Black River Cider

Elk Goulash Poutine with 5 year old Black River Cider

这个是一个加拿大魁北克特有的法国小吃 – Poutine。其他国家是吃不到的。最普通的作法是,炸马铃薯条配上颗粒型干酪和肉汁。而在Taste! 上,多伦多著名的厨师,Jamie Kennedy, 竟配上了糜鹿肉!效果是好好吃!


Elk 糜鹿

Elk 糜鹿


A few weeks ago, I mentioned our camping trip in Sandbank Provincial Park. Sandbank located in Prince Edward County, about 2.5 hours drive from Toronto.

Last weekend, we went to Prince Edward County again, but for a completely different reason – for Taste!, a food and wine show, to celebrate the regional cuisine.

Many of the local restaurants, chefs, farmers and wineries participated this event. Though the weather of that day was cool and gloomy, surprisingly, it did not stop people from coming for this event. When we arrived at 11ish, there were already many people and most booths had a long line up.

Buddha Dog Caravan (Buddha Dog 的大篷车)

Buddha Dog Caravan (Buddha Dog 的大篷车)

Without any delay, we first ‘attacked’ the Buddha Dog caravan. Buddha Dog is a small boutique restaurant in Prince Edward County that sells gourmet hotdog (of course, not the street hotdog I mentioned before). AIm to feature the best of Prince Edward County, Buddha Dog sources the best of everything (bun, meat, cheese, vegetables etc) within the region itself. And this time, they brought us the Thanksgiving Turkey Dog. Traditionally, Taste! was held during the Thanksgiving weekend, but this year is an exception, hence the turkey.

With the lovely mini dog in our mouths, paired with the recommended County Cider, I had the best hotdog I ever had in my life, so far 🙂

I guess, most of you familar with fine cuisine, are aware of the act of food pairing with wine, to bring out the best tastes of both food and wine. In this event, of course, there is a suggestion of a pairing wine for each dish, aim to take us to the ‘highest state’ of tasting.

As for me, an Asian, who did not know about this art till I met DM and LM, who are serious foodies. Learning from them, and slowly, I think I can notice the slight differences in taste when food pairs with a right wine. Hence, for learning purpose, during this event, I insisted to drink the right wine for every dish I tried. Haahaa….don’t worry, I was not drunk because each glass of wine was only of little amount.

From Buddha Dog, we moved on to other booths, as followed :

Elk Goulash Poutine with 5 year old Black River Cider

Elk Goulash Poutine with 5 year old Black River Cider

This is a special French dish originated from Quebec. You can’t find it anywhere in the world except Canada. We called it ‘poutine‘ here. In fact, it is a simple dish, a dish consisting of French fries topped with fresh cheese curds, covered with brown gravy and sometimes additional ingredients. Jamie Kennedy, one of the most famous chefs in Toronto, had prensented us a poutine with Elk Goulash ! The result was fantastic !

Elk 糜鹿

Elk 糜鹿

Well, this is my first time to taste elk meat! I was shock to realise later what is elk ;) See the picture.

to be continued….

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