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现在,车卖出了,没什么挂心的。墨的一切终算告一段落。现在决心要好好地休息 😉

I am home again in Malaysia.

Just arrived yesterday but already suffered from headache due to the hot weather.

I could not sleep well and did not have enough time to sleep in Melbourne before I left. This was because I was too worried about my car sale and was too busy catching up with friends to say goodbye.

Now, everything in Melbourne is more or less properly wrapped up. Without any worries, relaxing in Kuala Lumpur at this moment, I determined to sleep well and enjoy the rest 😉

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回来近一个星期了, 没怎么写有关马来西亚的生活。


其实, 很好,谢谢。




除了见一些亲戚朋友, 大学教授刚批了我硕士论文的大纲,我也开始为写论文忙碌。




为此与爸口角,唉, 我这个不孝女, 虽知爸爸纯粹关心。


家,有家人的嘘寒问暖, 很是温暖。

一切很好。 谢谢。

I have been back in Malaysia for nearly a week but have yet to write much about my home-home. A few friends had wondered how I have adjusted myself being back.

Returning home is always warm and pleasant feeling, and I am not talking about the 33 degree heat and 70% humidity. Mother is always around to look after me. I can totally relax and not worry about daily routines such as meals and laundry. But on the whole, I am still a little bit exhausted from the travels and time change, and is still adjusting to this hot and not-so-pleasant humidity from the cold and gray of the Canadian winter.

My lecturer has recently approved my proposal and content of my thesis for my TCM Masters. I’ve trying to balance between catching up with relatives and friends and writing the thesis.

Those in Malaysia knows that the street food is fantastic and full of variety, something Australia and Canada is missing. However, on this visit I found myself not too used to it and suffered from some mild gastrointestinal problems. My father, who is a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor was quite worried and forbid me from eating anything that is too spicy, too sour or greasy. This frustrated me so much that I I had a small argument with him. I know it is very unwise of me to argue about such a trivial thing, knowing that my father was only looking out for my well being.

Everyone in my family is helping and looking after me so well and I am so appreciative of having such a wonderful family. So the answer is, “I guess I am adjusting rather well to being home after all.”

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这次回马,胖了。在加国好吃好住, 没压力了四个月,哪有不胖的 :)



这几天,飞得有点累,定不下心写好部落.....希望这些短短的贴字(post) 可代表我现在的心情....

Arrived Kuala Lumpur last night.

Feeling relieved – I am home.

Mum is very happy to see a fatter me.

For her, it is an old fashion sign of a better life.

When I was home last year Nov, I lost lots of weight due to the stress of moving to Canada.

This time I am home with more weight because of a life with no stress for four months.

I am fine with a rounder face and thicker waist and mum is happy 🙂


Feeling exhausted after all the flying and can’t settle down to write something more substantial……..hopefully short and sweet posts are enough to reflect my feelings now.

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很久没写这个系列了,今天 让我介绍介绍短片中的人物。(以下的介绍只是他们当时的情况,自此他们的生活已有了很多改变, 有一些已移居到其他城市或国家。)

I have not written a post for this series for a while, let me introduce the cast in this doco today. (The intro below was their lives then, there are many changes since then, some of them already moved to another city or country).

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提了那么多次,我和几个朋友搞的短片终于上网了!虽然只是片前的两分钟, 希望在此分享。下一篇文章会开始介绍片中人物。

在此,要特别谢谢我的老拍档Fred(短片的监制), 放假从香港回墨尔本短短几天,还要帮我找英文字幕版和解决技术上的问题。谢谢!

Finally, the short documentary that I have mentioned so many times is live online ! Below is the two minutes of the beginning of the doco my friends and I made. Although short, hope to share with you all here. I shall start to introduce the characters in this doco in my next post.

I want to specially thank Fred (producer of this doco), during his short holiday in Melbourne still had to help me to find the English titled version and solve some technical problems. Thanks !

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(Dear English readers, please scroll down for English translation)

小时梦想出国上大学, 幻想体验外国的生活,期望结交不同国籍的朋友,享受那春夏秋冬的转变。所以,我去了澳洲。哪知,这一去,去了十二个年头。


x x x x x x x x

有一位朋友因97问题移民来澳。那时,他才十岁左右。住了整二十年,他又举家回流香港。临走前,他老板问他:“Are you going home or leaving home ?” 他答不上来。 因为这个小故事,我才发现身边朋友都有相同的挣扎。于是,我和几个朋友凑在一起搞了一部短片。片名为“Going home or leaving home – 回家.离家”



在2004年尾,我们以《Going home or leaving home 回家.离家》这部短片,报名参加第十届香港独立短片及录像比赛。 2005三月中,我们得知被列入评审团推荐,在香港艺术中心放映几天。


两三年后,一个机缘下,我遇到了Ed,跟着他跑去加拿大。突然发觉,我又多了一个家。这时,突然想起这部短片。 再看一看其他的一些朋友,发现很多片中片外的已分散世界各国。


心血来潮下,我想把这部短片中的故事重述, 也看看他们现在在哪。


please click here for English translation

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