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几个星期前,我提到和DM夫妇到Sandbank 省公园露营。Sankbank 座落在Prince Edward County (爱德华王子县), 离多伦多市约两个半小时车程。

上个周末,我们和DM夫妇又到爱德华王子县一趟。这次是为了一个叫Taste! 的Food and Wine Show (美食加美酒展)。


Buddha Dog Caravan (Buddha Dog 的大篷车)

Buddha Dog Caravan (Buddha Dog 的大篷车)

我们不敢怠慢,马上去Buddha Dog的大篷车前排队(如图)。Buddha Dog是个卖‘高级‘热狗的小餐厅 (不像多伦多街边的热狗)。他们要将爱德华王子县内最好的一面呈现给顾客。所以,做热狗用的所有材料都是县内最好的。这次,他们为人们带来了用火鸡肉做的热狗。用火鸡肉是要像征感恩节,因为上几届的Taste! 都是在感恩节周末举办,今年除外。



DM夫妇是‘好食‘之人,也是美食专家。我就是从他们身上慢慢学会吃出食物配对酒时的不同。(参阅法国大餐)。所以,在这个难得学习的机会中,我当然每吃一种食物都坚持要有相配的酒。哈哈! 还好,每杯酒的份量都不多,我没喝醉 😉


Elk Goulash Poutine with 5 year old Black River Cider

Elk Goulash Poutine with 5 year old Black River Cider

这个是一个加拿大魁北克特有的法国小吃 – Poutine。其他国家是吃不到的。最普通的作法是,炸马铃薯条配上颗粒型干酪和肉汁。而在Taste! 上,多伦多著名的厨师,Jamie Kennedy, 竟配上了糜鹿肉!效果是好好吃!


Elk 糜鹿

Elk 糜鹿


A few weeks ago, I mentioned our camping trip in Sandbank Provincial Park. Sandbank located in Prince Edward County, about 2.5 hours drive from Toronto.

Last weekend, we went to Prince Edward County again, but for a completely different reason – for Taste!, a food and wine show, to celebrate the regional cuisine.

Many of the local restaurants, chefs, farmers and wineries participated this event. Though the weather of that day was cool and gloomy, surprisingly, it did not stop people from coming for this event. When we arrived at 11ish, there were already many people and most booths had a long line up.

Buddha Dog Caravan (Buddha Dog 的大篷车)

Buddha Dog Caravan (Buddha Dog 的大篷车)

Without any delay, we first ‘attacked’ the Buddha Dog caravan. Buddha Dog is a small boutique restaurant in Prince Edward County that sells gourmet hotdog (of course, not the street hotdog I mentioned before). AIm to feature the best of Prince Edward County, Buddha Dog sources the best of everything (bun, meat, cheese, vegetables etc) within the region itself. And this time, they brought us the Thanksgiving Turkey Dog. Traditionally, Taste! was held during the Thanksgiving weekend, but this year is an exception, hence the turkey.

With the lovely mini dog in our mouths, paired with the recommended County Cider, I had the best hotdog I ever had in my life, so far 🙂

I guess, most of you familar with fine cuisine, are aware of the act of food pairing with wine, to bring out the best tastes of both food and wine. In this event, of course, there is a suggestion of a pairing wine for each dish, aim to take us to the ‘highest state’ of tasting.

As for me, an Asian, who did not know about this art till I met DM and LM, who are serious foodies. Learning from them, and slowly, I think I can notice the slight differences in taste when food pairs with a right wine. Hence, for learning purpose, during this event, I insisted to drink the right wine for every dish I tried. Haahaa….don’t worry, I was not drunk because each glass of wine was only of little amount.

From Buddha Dog, we moved on to other booths, as followed :

Elk Goulash Poutine with 5 year old Black River Cider

Elk Goulash Poutine with 5 year old Black River Cider

This is a special French dish originated from Quebec. You can’t find it anywhere in the world except Canada. We called it ‘poutine‘ here. In fact, it is a simple dish, a dish consisting of French fries topped with fresh cheese curds, covered with brown gravy and sometimes additional ingredients. Jamie Kennedy, one of the most famous chefs in Toronto, had prensented us a poutine with Elk Goulash ! The result was fantastic !

Elk 糜鹿

Elk 糜鹿

Well, this is my first time to taste elk meat! I was shock to realise later what is elk ;) See the picture.

to be continued….

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the cooks and their food at Salsa Street Festival

the cooks and their food at Salsa Street Festival

夏天在加拿大是很‘珍贵‘的季节。一年才这三,四个月的阳光,所以,这里的人争取所有机会享受阳光,找尽所有藉口来庆祝。 夏季的每个周末,都有数不完的节目。最普遍的是街头美食节。


如我家附近曾是意大利人聚住的地方,所以这里有个意大利街头美食节。不过,这十多年来,很多意大利人已渐渐搬去其他地区。反而,多了很多加勒比海人和拉丁美洲人。所以,这里在三,四年前开始举办Salsa Street Festival。

Summer is precious here in Canada. Well, it is not hard to understand that, it is the only 3-4 months sunny days Canadians will have for the whole year. Canadians will take every opportunity to enjoy the sunshine, and will make every excuses to go under the sun.  Nearly every weekend is jam-packed with many festivals, shows and activities. One of the most popular events in Toronto is street festivals.

Canada is a multicultural country. It is common that some particular ethic groups live in particular areas, like the Chinatown, Little India etc. Hence, the street festival for a particular culture will most likely be held in that area.


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在多伦多,每逢夏季,超过百间中上级的餐馆都会参与由American Express举办约两个星期的Summerlicious。 ‘licious’ 源自 ’delicious‘ ,即美味的意思。

Summerlicious 的特征是,所有参与的餐馆会各自设计出一个固定的套餐( 例子见文底)给来参与Summerlicious 的顾客。最值得的是,收价会比平常低。这过百间的餐馆当中有些是很高级的。我这种平凡人平时是吃不起的 (除了在Summerlicious 🙂 )。因为,不管餐馆多高级,如要参与Summerlicious的话,晚餐收费都在每人35加币或以下,午餐会更便宜。

我和Ed当然不会错过这个大饱口福的机会。可是,我俩为了选餐馆而大伤脑筋。中级的餐馆,不算便宜到那里去。太高级的,虽划算,可是我们怕会格格不入。毕竟,我们扮不出高贵的样子,也不想吃得周身不自在。开心时,不想把声音压得低低的。所以,最后,我们选了一间中上级的 – Fuzion。

photo from http://www.restaurantstoronto.com

我们认识一对夫妇常向我们赞这餐馆有多好就有多好。可是,一餐两人一吃就百多两百元。所以,他们也是久久才去一次。我和Ed就乘这机会去尝尝。三道菜(前餐,主餐和甜品, 饮料另算)的晚餐,一人35加币,不算太贵。

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Panaromic of Bon Ton

“How much to stay at an old rickety house with no beach front” I exclaim, “are you sure it’s worth it?”

Well the day after Valentine’s Day, we decided to treat ourselves and stay at an upscale resort called the Bon Ton. We could only get one night booking and have to re-arrange our schedule to fit it in. However, after many days looking longingly into fancy resorts while staying in “budget” accommodations, we were pretty sure of our decision and was eagerly anticipating some luxury of our own.

The resort consists of only seven traditional Malay houses, found all over Malaysia and transported to the site and restored. Traditional on the outside and contemporary on the inside, the rooms has an outdoor bathroom with a cedar bathtub, a shower that drains through the deck, and a toilet with an uninterrupted view of the night sky. While we thought that the place might be full of suits and blue hair, it turned out to be friendly and homely with young couples and families. The owner is Australian and has a home for stray cats adjacent to the property. These cats also has the run of the place and are fed and cared for by the staff, who also went to great extent to make the sure the guests are happy and feel at home. The resort has an excellent fusion restaurant with some of the best food we had in Malaysia, or anywhere for that matter. During our stay, they were in the midst of an expansion with similar theme but would more than double their capacity for guests, and quite possibly for cats also.


The blue house to the left, named the Blue Ginger, is the one we stayed in. It is the smallest and least expensive. The dinner above is a Baba Nonya sampler consisting of seven dishes served on a banana leaf.

(Guest blogger)

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我家是客家人,难怪爱吃酿豆腐 ! 🙂


Since today is Sunday, which is our day off for our family business, my father took me to Petaling Street in the morning. Petaling Street is also referred as Chinatown by tourists. We spent lots of times there during our childhood, hence my father likes to take me there when I come home.

There are a few food stalls in Petaling Street are our favourites. This morning, I suggested to have our breakfast at the famous deep fried tofu stall in a small lane in Petaling Street.

This type of deep fried tofu is quite special. The tofu is stuffed with very tasty pork mince paste. We also called this type of tofu, Yoong Tau Foo. I always thought that Yoong Tau Foo was a Malaysian Chinese’s specialty and I won’t be able to find it anywhere else. Not only till today after I googled it online, I realised it was originated from Hakka people (one ethic group amongst Chinese) in China. My family is Hakka origin and no wonder we love Yoong Tau Foo ! 🙂


The business of the Yoong Tau Foo stall was really good !


Tofu, fish balls, chillies etc were quickly deep fried in these huge woks before serving.


Workers were very busy with stuffing the special pork mince paste into tofu.

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(Dear English readers, please scroll down to find the ‘click’ for English translation)

今天突然想到,我已很久没写有关美食的贴字了。 因为,我已很久没为食物拍照了。Ed受不了我在吃前将桌上的食物挪来挪去, 硬要为我们的食物’ 摆一摆姿势’,以拍出好照片。他现在禁止我在吃前拍照片,以免影响胃口,要我们安心吃就好了。其实,在餐馆对着食物疯狂拍照,顾客总会投以好奇的眼光,我也蛮不好意思的。 嘻嘻!


烟肉其实是一种古老的肉类腌制法。简单来说,人们用盐,各种香料调味料来腌制肉类几天。这样可以将肉中的水份抽出,以防止细菌滋长。接着,将肉类放在火上面的烟‘烤’ (注:不是放在火里烤,只是用烟来‘烤’)。古人发现烟有防腐作用。在远古时期,没有冰箱,这样可以防止肉变坏, 主要是不要浪费食物, 和收藏起来以备收成打猎不足时吃。加上烟味让肉更好吃。算是两全其美的方法。而且,用不同的木起的火,会’烟’出不同的‘烟味’。



我第一次去蒙特利而时,Ed无论如何要带我去著名的Schwartz’s 餐厅吃。Schwartz’s 的烟肉是当地最有名的。记得,我们晚上去时,队伍排到街上至少一尺远,听说常常是这样的。我们不想排,等到第二天三,四点才去。还以为这段时间不是午餐时间,也不是晚餐时间,我们该不用排队吧。怎知,还是排了二十多分钟的队。我俩还因为排队排得‘火’了,为无聊小事吵了起来。但我们一吃到好吃得不得了的烟肉,‘火’就消了,因为排队是值得的 😉


听说,因为烟肉很受欢迎,但古老的腌制和烟法很花时间,所以有些餐厅会加上一些化学物来催促过程,或加强烟味。 Schwartz’s那么远近驰名,也是因为他们自称一点化学物或防腐剂都不加。一切按照古老方法。我看到一大堆一大堆的肉放在一旁时,其实有点怕。可是,还好我们没拉肚子。我想,古老方法该还管用。

当我最近去蒙特利而和一位来渡假的朋友聚聚时,他一见到我,就告诉我Schwartz’s 的烟肉多好吃。我哈哈大笑,说我也很喜欢呀!:)

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约两个周末前,天气很好,我和Ed驶车闲逛。来到一个波兰人聚住的地区,刚好有一个波兰式的街头节庆 (street festival)。 我喜欢街头节庆,我们就停下来看看。有波兰舞蹈表演,有波兰食物等。但最吸引我的档摊是马来西亚的murtabak挡 !!

Two weekend ago, the weather was beautiful, Ed and I took the car to drive around. We happened to be around in the area that have many Polish settlements. Accidentally, there was a Polish street festival, so we went for a look. Although there were Polish dance performance, lots of Polish food stalls, the one that I was most interested in was Malaysian murtabak stall !

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上星期五是復活节假期。邀请了几个好朋友来我们家做客, 也算是为我庆祝生日和饯行。

On Good Friday, we have invited a few friends over for dinner. It was for my birthday and farewell dinner.


We decided to cook something different, a Malaysian and Cantonese dinner for our friends consisting of the following courses:

  1. 叉烧包 BBQ pork buns as appetitzer (store bought)
  2. 马来西亚的咖哩鸡 Malaysian Curry Chicken (homemade)
  3. 醉鸡 Drunken Chicken (homemade)
  4. 蒜蓉豆豉炒蚶 Fried Clams with Garlic and Black Bean Sauce(homemade)
  5. 卤胡罗卜牛腩 Turnip and Beef Brisket in Chinese Marinade (homemade)
  6. 蠔油芥兰 Fried Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce (homemade)
  7. 鲜虾炒碗豆 Fried Snowpeas with Prawn(homemade)
  8. 斋拼盘 Cantonese style Vegetarian Platter (store bought)
  9. 烧鸭 Roast Duck (store bought)
  10. 黑白巧可力蛋糕 Black and White Chocolate Mousse Cake (from Loblaws)
  11. 还有很多的白,红酒,其中一瓶是Ed收藏了八年很贵的澳洲红酒 and lots and lots of white & red wine, including a fancy bottle of Australian red Ed was saving for eight years.

在多伦多,马来西亚餐馆屈指可数。Ed没遇到我之前,从没尝试过马来西亚美食。所以,在这里不普遍的马来西亚的咖哩鸡对他们来说是蛮特别的。不难煮,因为这里买得到马来西亚的咖哩粉,更令我振奋的是, 我竟买得到pandan叶! 我从未在墨尔本见过。所以,煮出来的咖哩很香,还算可以见人。我和Ed的厨艺加起来还算不错,所以客人们吃得开胃又开心,所有菜肴都被吃得几乎美人照镜。我和Ed 也自豪 🙂

There are only a few Malaysian restaurants in Toronto. Malaysian food is not common in Toronto, therefore the Malaysian curry chicken dish was something new for our guests. It was not too hard to cook because I can get authentic Malaysian curry powder here. What really surprised me was I found pandan leaves here ! I never saw it in Melbourne. It helped to sweeten the flavour of the curry. Ed and I are ok cooks, and our guests enjoyed our food so much that we did not have much leftover!

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