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With Family & friends in Malaysia (Jan & Jun)

马来西亚家人朋友 (1月 和 6月)

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Traveled with Ed in Malaysia (Feb)

和Ed在马旅游 (2月)

1月 – 大马

2月 – 大马

With friends in Australia ((Mar - May)

澳洲的朋友 (3月 - 5月)

3月 – 澳洲
吃我爱吃的eggs benedict早餐。

4月 – 澳洲

Lonely apartment in Australia (May)

寂寞的公寓 (澳洲)

5月 – 澳洲

6月 – 大马

Toronto (July - Dec)

多伦多 (7月 - 12月)

7 月 – 加国
回加国。见到Ed给他一个大拥抱 :“亲爱的,好久没见”。

8月 – 加国
Ed告诉我,我煲的汤和煮的东西已可以见人。Yay !

Toronto (2) (July - Dec)

多伦多 (7月 - 12月)

9月 – 加国

10月 – 加国

Gonna have fun in summer (Canada)

Hey 先生,来个胜利手势吧 ! (多伦多)

11月 – 加国

12月 – 加国

Toronto (3) (July - Dec)

多伦多 (7月 - 12月)

1月 – 加国
2009 牛年要做什么好呢 ? ……

With Family & friends in Malaysia (Jan & Jun)

With Family & friends in Malaysia (Jan & Jun)

I was very busy with exam during the New Year, did not get the chance to review my 2008 year. Exam is finally over and (Chinese) New Years came and gone, finally, I have the time to sit down, to reflect on my 2008 year. Looking back, it was indeed a great and interesting year.

For the past two years, I have been dividing my times between Malaysia, Australia and Canada, and last year was my most traveled and drifting year. I lived 3 months each in Malaysia and Australia, the rest of the six months in Canada.

Traveled with Ed in Malaysia (Feb)

Traveled with Ed in Malaysia (Feb)

Jan – Malaysia
Went back to Malaysia and be pampered like a princess at home by my lovely family.
Learned from my father and helped out in his shop.
Went to pasar often and fully enjoyed the famous delicious street food !

Feb – Malaysia
Ed visited Malaysia for the first time and met my parents for the first time.
We traveled in Singapore, KL, Penang, Malacca and Langkawi.
Ed headed back to Canada, while I went back to Australia.

With friends in Australia ((Mar - May)

With friends in Australia ((Mar - May)

Mar – Australia
Went back to work. Stayed with a good friend.
Hong Kong TV series was our favourite passtime together after work.
So happy to catch up with many good friends in Oz.
Drunk my favourite Italian coffee and Belgium hot chocolate;
ate my favourite eggs benedict breakfast.

Apr – Australia

Continued to work.
Moved into a huge 3 bedroom condominium, however,
you won’t believe I only lived with a folding bed and a chair in the condo.
No Internet. Read many novels.

Lonely apartment in Australia (May)

Lonely apartment

May – Australia
Same as April.

Jun – Malaysia
Went back to Malaysia.
Same as January.

Toronto (July - Dec)

Toronto (July - Dec)

Jul – Canada
Went back to Canada.
Gave Ed a big hug, ‘Darling, long time no see! ‘
Enjoyed my first summer in Canada.

Aug – Canada
Went to nearly all summer street festivals and events.
Surprisingly, Ed started to praise my cooking ! Yay!
Finally, I had been better with housework.

Toronto (2) (July - Dec)

Toronto (2) (July - Dec)

Sep – Canada
Let’s get married dear !

Oct – Canada
Started to feel bored and restless. So attended Tea Sommelier classes.

Gonna have fun in summer (Canada)

Hey dude, you gonna have fun in summer ! (Canada)

Nov – Canada
So cold !
Decided to sit for exam.

Dec – Canada
So cold !!
Studied unbelievably hard for the exam.
Happy Christmas and New Year !

Jan – Canada
Exam is over, new years came and gone.
What am I going to do in 2009 ? …..

Toronto (3) (July - Dec)

Toronto (3) (July - Dec)

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当我看完Dark Knight后,我不停想着一个问题 – 英雄。在电影中, Harvey 说他其实是Batman, 因为他相信真的Batman会现身救这个城市。到时,市民就会知道Batman 是个好人,是个英雄。因为,Harvey 不要人们对心目中的英雄失去信任。到最后,Harvey 虽‘变坏’。Batman知道这个城市乃善良,至少那两艘船只没有为了自我的生存而炸掉另一艘船。所以,为了不破坏人们心中的英雄形象,Harvey 坏的一面不可让市民知道。


Carol Huynh with her proud Gold

Carol Huynh 和她闪闪发亮的加拿大第一面金牌。

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Oh my buddha !! I just love the following comment from Jasin :

‘Hey, your lifestyle is so special :
“Single” life for 6 mths….Couple life for 6 mths.
Working for 6 mths….Break for 6 mths.
Busy without life for 6 mths…..Carry out luxury life doing things of interest, enrichment for latter 6 months
bit extreme and funny is : Living at South of earth for 6 mths ……living at North of the earth for next 6 mths…
A BALANCE , healthy and unique life you have !’

What do you think? 🙂

And my reply to him is

Hey Jasin,
I love how you described my life !!!
Haha..I never thought of it that way.
True as you said about the extreme…heehee…
Love what you said about the balance and healthy )
Yup, I love my life for exactly what it is !!
Thanks for visiting and please come again )
Very happy to know you )

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刚抵多伦多的第一星期,Ed刚好病了,我则努力跟时差战斗。加上,那时天天有雨,Ed拿了病假,我俩在家看戏和呼呼大睡。很幸运的是,我们看的戏都很不错。有,Helen Miren 的Elizabeth I 短剧,Juno, La En Vie Rose 等。当然,还跑去看新鲜热辣的 Wall-E。很棒!

第二个星期,天气转晴,阳光普照。Ed病好了,我则不再半夜眼睛张大大或下午打磕睡。加上是加拿大国庆 (上图),Ed有四天假,我俩和家人朋友聚聚,到处逛逛 ,也见证了加拿大人热爱阳光的一面。

现在,第三个星期,日子终于恢复’正常’。Ed去上班,我在家里悠闲,上网和朋友聊天,做做家务,写写部落…. 其实,有很多事情要办,如:找新公寓搬家,办药剂公考手续,准备考试,等等。都在做着,只是进展不大。唉 !

As per request from friends, and since I have not been calling home recently, let me briefly update what I have been up to.

I have been back to Toronto for more than two weeks now. Although I have been away for half a year, interestingly, I still remember the details of this city. Only when I was lost and got off at the wrong subway station has reminded me that I have been away for a while. Other than that, things are the same – Ed remains the same (haha, yup 😉 ) , and there isn’t much changes in our home, I feel as if I have never left here. Oh yes, the only one huge difference is, there is no traces of snow on the street, and I don’t have to wear layers of clothing anymore. Yay!

The first week I arrived Toronto, I was struggling with jetlag and Ed was sick. He took a sickie and the weather was rainy, so we stayed home, either watched movies or just slept like a baby. The good thing is, most movies we watched (like Helen Mirren’s Elizabeth I short series, Juno, La En Vie Rose, and of course the new absolute gem from Pixar – Wall-E) are pretty cool. So, we were happy.

The second week, the weather turned fabulous, clear and sunshine. Ed had recovered and I wasn’t sleepy during the day anymore, plus it was Canada Day long weekend (pictures above), we finally ventured out from home.  We caught up with family and friends, walked around downtown, and I saw the summer madness here.

Now, entering my third week here, life is getting back to ‘normal’. Ed goes to work five days a week as usual, and I stay home doing not too much, cleaning, cooking, surfing, chatting online, blogging (finally) ….yup, doing them ‘leisurely’ too. Frankly, I have a long to-do-list and plenty of plans, for example, looking for new apartment to move, sending application for Pharmacy Registration exams, preparing the exams and etc. Well, I am trying hard to work on them, but procrastinatingly, as usual…..

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刚刚才看到加拿大的气象台预测, 这个星期六晚开始至星期天,有些地区, 包括多伦多, 会下一场大风雪。 多伦多积雪可能会高至15到25 公分,有些地区会有超过40公分的积雪! 不但下大雪, 也会刮大风和下冰雨。 这种天气最危险。气象台特别警告人民路上一定要小心,必要时改变计划最好。

这星期天傍晚,我本来要出席一个佛教集会。我已收到通知,所有集会将取消。几个小时前,我和Ed还没看天气预测。 那时,我们还兴致勃勃,要叫几个朋友星期天出来吃点心。为安全起见,这计划可能要泡汤了。看来,我们还是乖乖呆在家里煮饭看书好了。这里的生活就是这样,很看天气’做人’。 要常查天气预测,计划要随天气更改。



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在多伦多,Ed已有了两部电脑 。


IMAC 还没到前,Ed晚上回来家时,他坐在desktop 前,我坐在laptop 前(左图),各自上网。




哈! 当然有啦。

尽管如此,我还是觉得这种生活有点荒诞 !

For the past few days, I have been busy with setting up and reorganising files in my IMAC from Australia. This IMAC is quite old, not worth too much to sell, and it has lots of sentimental values. Hence I decided to ship it to here.

Ed already has a laptop and a desktop in Toronto. Including my recent purchase of a laptop for my frequent travels, we have a total of four computers at home now ! I was just talking about environmental issues yesterday and today I realised we have four computers for only two persons !

Before the arrival of my IMAC, when Ed came home from work, he would sit in front of his desktop and I would continue sitting in front of his laptop. We would surf online most nights. Now, my IMAC is here, it is even worse ! Now, we have our own desks for our own computers. So, we sit at separate corners surfing at night.

My mother is worried and wonder if we still talk to each other. Haa ! Yeah. Of course, we still do talk! Nonetheless, what a ridiculous lifestyle we have !

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这几天, 感觉很奇怪。因为,突然有许多马来西亚的中学朋友加入Facebook, 和他们的联络突然多了。

我加入Facebook 有好几个月了。刚开始时,我也有相同的奇怪感觉。因为,我在Facebook遇上了七年前在尼泊尔旅行认识的英国朋友,还有当地的朋友。那时,我好兴奋,我们也吵着要搞一个尼泊尔七年之痒加重聚之旅。当然也只是说说。

这十多年在外国的生活,我虽从没有和中学朋友失去联络。可也只是我一年回马一次时,出来吃吃,见见面。见的也只是较相熟的几个朋友。偶尔一,两次大型的聚会,可人多,也很少真的聊到什么。平时,大家忙大家的,电邮也很少。现在,大家在Facebook, 虽也没真的聊到什么,感觉还是较‘贴近’了。要‘见’他们也较容易,也不用担心他们的电邮地址有没更新。


往另一 方想,我和几个有写部落的朋友,也已少写电邮了。想他们时,就上部落找他们。我们有时懒得重复,就会说:上我的部落格看就知道啦。可也是,有些每天生活的细节在电邮也未必可以详述。只是,偶尔会搞不清,到底网际生活是拉近了,还是疏远了,彼此的距离。


现在,我也常用Skype。虽远在它方, 我可以与家人朋友聊天,可以’见’到他们。 感觉像他们就在我身边。我也听网上电台。 虽住在多伦多, 我听的却是LA的电台。有一天, 心血来朝开香港电台来听,我还以为我已到了香港。 想念澳洲时,只要时间配合好,我可以听到我爱听的澳洲电台。要知道马来西亚或澳洲的新闻,一上网就知道。

有时会疑惑 : 我到底身在何处? 这到底是我虚拟的世界,还是我真实的生活?网际的生活和真实的生活再也难分。


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Ed的朋友的父母在几十年前以低价买了湖边的这块地。这么多年来,放了许多心血建这精致的小屋,装饰它,买游艇等。现在,两老在此退休。成年了的孩子们和孙子们周末爱来休息,接触大自然。还好在这里没太多太夸耀的cottage, 环境还很清静。




This is the cottage.


There is a boathouse built near the cottage.
Two stories – ground floor for storing the boat,
the upper story has a few bunk beds and
simple furnitures for guests or children.
The balcony upstairs has beautiful lake view.


Siting there, I was thinking nothing.

Julian钓鱼很棒 !

Julian is very good at fishing !


We were out in the boat !

Generally speaking, cottage is a small house in a country, usually built near the water or mountains. Of course, there are super rich people like to build exaggeratingly large cottage. Good local council usually rejects such proposal of design, to avoid disturbing the natural environment and local people’s simple lives.

Anyway, Ed’s friend’s parents bought this piece of lakeside land with very low price over 30 or 40 years ago. They have put lots of effort building and maintaining this little comfortable cottage. The parents now are retired here. Their children and grandchildren love coming over the weekends to spend some times with them, as well as the nature. Thankfully, there aren’t too many ‘showing off’ huge cottages here, the environment is still intact.

Ed’s friends invited us over for a weekend while the parents were away. Spending a weekend here, I finally understand what is cottage life. Surrounding by the nature, we were extremely relaxed. We read, we sat by the lakeside, we went into the boat ventured out to the lake, we went for a walk in the nearby small forest, the little kid like fishing and swimming. If the weather was clear, we could have set up a fire outdoor and chit chatting around it. Unfortunately, it was not the case, we ended up watching pirated copy of Sicko. It was pretty good too.

It was a very relaxing weekend away.

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巴刹 (pasar) 是个马来词,意为市场。马来西亚华人也通用此词在日常对话。

巴刹对马来西亚人来说可是生活中不可欠缺的一部分。当然,在许多庞大购物中心林立后,巴刹可能已不是大多数人的最爱。可是,我家还是保持着对巴刹的偏爱, 我家还是巴刹的忠实支持者 🙂

巴刹有两种- 一为早市(pasar pagi),另为夜市 (pasar malam)。通常,早市每天都有,一大早至中午。夜市则只一星期一次。马路会被封锁来给巴刹小贩摆档摊。



在澳洲住了那么多年,我对巴刹仍未‘忘情’,尤其是夜市巴刹。可能是我太爱它的小食了。我不管吃相如何不雅,我还是忍不住,一边逛一边吃 😉 其实也没什么大不了,反正很多人也如是。


所以,我很喜欢墨尔本在夏季举办的街头节庆 (street festival) 或夜市场。在马,就如每星期都有,可唯一不同的是没有拉阔音乐,可算美中不足吧。

Ed说,多伦多在夏季也有许多街头节庆, 让我好期待!

我妈妈买肉 My mother is buying some fresh meats.

顾客等待着他们的炒面。Customers are waiting for their fried noodles takeaway.

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[Continue from Life with Two Suitcases (1) ]

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这两个旅行箱 :一个装衣物和日常用具,另一个装课本和文具。
















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四个多月前, 我从澳洲寄出了我所有的“财产” – 共七箱的物品。




船运公司说, 那些物品三个月会到。




这四个多月来,我就只有重要的文件, 几件随身的衣物, 和一些中医课本。



虽很想念那些我很爱的东西,同时,我也开始了解到 –

原来, 生活可以这么简单 –


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