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Peak hour commuters cram onto the platforms at Flinders Street station. (photo by theage.com.au)

Peak hour commuters cram onto the platforms at Flinders Street station. (photo by theage.com.au)

When I was reading theage.com.au yesterday, I was shocked to see the photo above.

When did Melbourne, my favourate city have become so crowded? It is definitely not safe for public transport like this. This sort of image only reminds me of Hong Kong or Tokyo, not Melbourne.

Almost three years ago, when Ed first arrived in Melbourne, he said :’Melbourne is too slow, it is like 20 years behind Toronto’. At that time, we were walking on the quiet, green and tranquil Drummond St in Carlton North, a neighbourhood I had lived for more than 5 years and still loving it.

Obviously, Melbourne has changed since. During my recent visit back to Melbourne a few months ago, I recalled there were many incidences I was told to have to wait for at least 30 minutes for my favourite hot chocolate at Koko Black. Is Koko Black too popular? Or economic too booming? Or simply just too many people now?


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Outdoor Art Festival at Nathan Phillips Square

Outdoor Art Festival at Nathan Phillips Square

除了以上提到的,还有很多很多,如Carabina Festival 啦,南亚节庆啦,户外艺术品节 (上图), Hot and Spicy Festival , 手工艺品节, 台湾美食节,沙滩爵士音乐节, 应有尽有。

竟然还有街头表演者的街头节庆,有些街头艺术者还山长水远地从英国,澳洲, 日本等国来表演。我在那溜了整天,看惊险的杂耍,看小丑讲笑,喝咖啡,听拉活音乐…..又刺激又写意。

Apart from what I mentioned above, there are also Carabian Festival, South Asia Festival, Outdoor Art Festival,HOt and Spicy Festival, Art and Craft Festival, Taiwan Festival, The Beach Jazz Festival….you name it, you get it.

I was excited to know there is also a street festival for street performers/buskers, it is called BuskerFest here. Some of performers came all the way UK, Australia, Japan etc. I spent a full day there, laughed at the jokes from street comedians, watched jaw-dropping fire juggling, listened to live music, sipped my afternoon cup of coffee….both thrilling and relaxing…


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Spending 3 months in Malaysia and Australia respectively this year, and now that I am in Canada, I have to admit, sometimes, I feel like a very ‘confused’ lady, regardless where I am.

Well, the story begins when I realise I use different words to describe the same thing. Then, I get confused and people around me, either don’t quite understand me or get confused too.


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回来多伦多约一个星期了。 这阵子我都与时差的不适'战斗'着。多伦多与吉隆坡的时差为十二个小时。这里的中午十二点即吉隆坡的午夜十二点。 所以,我在中午会很疲倦,会睡上好几个小时。晚上呢,就会睡不着,或早上四,五点就爬起身来。这两天,好了些。


只是,心情有点不同了。上次来此,算是放自己一个长假,也是为了尝试多伦多的生活,见见Ed 的家人朋友。这次,这里变得熟悉了。而且,完成了在墨尔本的学业,也变卖或捐赠了在墨的一切。现在,没了这些牵挂。也许,算是新生活的真正开始吧。

可是,还在等着加拿大的永久居民证,暂是游客身份。再说,我还要再考药剂师的执照,才可以工作。加上,Ed的工作形式多为合约式。我们可能会再搬到别地也难说。听起来有点困难重重。哈! 这证明爱情有多伟大,把我从老远吸引过来 ! (或也是盲目的 😉 )


现在, 我只想要好好享受多伦多夏天的阳光。这也是我要早点回来的原因。上个冬天把我冷得怕了。虽夏天已过了一半, 可我就喜欢现在的阳光, 不是熨人的热, 只是懒懒地温暖。 Ed也已迫不急待地为我编排了一系列的节目。:)

(photo from http://exploreto.wordpress.com )

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现在,车卖出了,没什么挂心的。墨的一切终算告一段落。现在决心要好好地休息 😉

I am home again in Malaysia.

Just arrived yesterday but already suffered from headache due to the hot weather.

I could not sleep well and did not have enough time to sleep in Melbourne before I left. This was because I was too worried about my car sale and was too busy catching up with friends to say goodbye.

Now, everything in Melbourne is more or less properly wrapped up. Without any worries, relaxing in Kuala Lumpur at this moment, I determined to sleep well and enjoy the rest 😉

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Already five years, very reluctant sale ….

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这两个旅行箱 :一个装衣物和日常用具,另一个装课本和文具。
















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