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(photo from http://www.federationsquare.com.au/index.cfm?pageID=56&galleryID=1

今天想写一写我很喜欢的Federation Square (简称Fed Sq)。

Fed Sq 是一座十年不到的新建筑物,其目的是想为墨尔本提供一个集文化,艺术,旅游和公众空间的场所。 它座落在Flinders St Station 的正对面, 它的右边正是St Paul’s Cathedrel,左边是Yarra River.

Federation Square (Fed Sq) is one of my favourite spots in Melbourne. It was built less than 10 years ago. It is the public space and a unique cultural, art and tourism precinct for Melbourne city. It is located opposite of Flinders St Station. St Paul’s Cathedral is on its right and Yarra River on its left.

我起初不太喜欢它的创新及大胆的设计,后来倒是开始喜欢上它不同的空间和色彩观感。最喜欢的还是它为墨尔本市提供源源不绝的动力。Fed Sq建筑内有 : National Gallery of Victoria, Australia Centre for the Moving Image, Australia Design Centre, BMW Edge 圆形剧场等等。 它常年举办许多文化和艺术活动。

Initially, I did not like its design. For me, it was too awkward but now I start to appreciate the unique spacious and colourful simulations it provides. The are many important buildings within Fed Sq, including National Gallery of Victoria, Australia Centre for the Moving Image, Australia Design Centre, BMW Edge Amphitheatre etc. However, what attract me the most are the ongoing creative and cultural events and activities organised in the Fed Sq.

在写Me!!!bourne 的同一天,我路经 Fed Sq, 见有人坐在The Square, 起初还以为因为天气好,他们在晒太阳。后来才知道有些活动,原来是Melbourne Jazz Festival的免费节目。看看台上的乐器,竟是印尼传统乐器。好奇下,就坐了下来。

On the day I wrote Me!!!bourne, I walked past Fed Sq and saw many people sitting in The Square. I thought they were just enjoying the sunshine. Only later I found out that there were some free performances as part of the Melbourne Jazz Festival. Looking at the traditional Indonesian musical instruments on stage, puzzled, I sat down to find out how do these instruments relate to Jazz music.

表演者是一群Victoria College of Arts的音乐学生。他们先用印尼传统乐器呈献几首传统乐曲。接着才加上现代爵士乐器弹奏出几首爵士乐。蛮创新的。 慢慢地,许多人也被这新奇的音乐组合吸引了。

It was a performances by a group of music students at the Victoria College of Arts. They first performed some traditional Indonesian musics with the instruments, then slowly add in modern jazz components to the traditional musics. It was quite interesting. Attracted by the creative combinations of musics, more people sat down to enjoy the musics.

最近,我已听说儿童电影节,PBS办的古巴/东欧/巴西演唱会等等会在Fed Sq内进行。我想,我在墨尔本的日子将会很精彩 ;)

There are also more upcoming events in the Fed Sq, including the children film festival and Cuban/Rio-Brazil/Eastern European Musical concert (organised by PBS station). I guess, my times in Melbourne are going to be quite exciting ! 😉

以下是Fed Sq的夜景。

The following is the Fed Sq at night.

(photo from http://www.federationsquare.com.au/index.cfm?pageID=56&galleryID=1

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老板下星期一渡假回来, 我的上班生活也即将结束。(也希望我会有多些时间写部落啦:)


所以,没了重重的工作负担,昨天上班时, 我的心情特别好。

从下星期开始, 我就将会专注于完成学业。




因为,我非常喜欢的星期六节目正在播放 – Jazz on Saturday





店铺内的职员还喜欢。一位说,她感觉就像在一家昏暗的爵士bar内喝喝红酒, 听听音乐。

当然,我们仍很认真工作 (我老板有时也会看看我的部落 :p )

可那爵士音乐倒令我” 前所未有”地“享受” 我的工作。

原来,音乐的魔力真的很大 !

或许,你也该试一试。如果工作允许的话,听一听你喜欢的音乐,你也可能会爱上你的工作 :)

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I have been very busy for the last two weeks. Apart from working on my master thesis, I am also working for very long hours. It is short term, only for two weeks. A friend of mine has gone for holiday and I am helping him with his business.

Strangely, I don’t mind working.

Although it is very tiring and the drive from my friend’s house to work is very far, I still don’t mind it. I guess because I have not been working for the last five months or so, and am enjoying feeling ‘useful’ and competent at work. I am sure though, if I have to work like this for a few more weeks, I will start hating it 🙂

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Finally, I have completed first draft of my Chinese Herbal Medicine master thesis. Although it is still at the early stage, I am sure my leacturer will give plenty of suggestions for my work. It is still a big relief for me!

Yey ! It also means I will have more times to catch up with friends in Melbourne ! 🙂

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I supposed to spend all day in the library to study but I chose the wrong library – the RMIT library in the city. The reason I wanted to study in the city because I had a few things needed to be organised in the city.

However, the weather was so gorgeous that as soon as I walked out from the library I had already decided to stay out for the sun, in the lovely Melbourne City 🙂

St Paul’s Cathedral in the Melbourne City. I found out today that it was recently renovated while I was away, no wonder it looks so stunning this time around !

View at South Bank and Yarra River (the river which flows through the city). One of my favourite spots during summer.

Flinders Street Station is among Melbourne’s most recognisable landmarks. It is one of the best-known railway stations in Australia. It has more than 90 years history.

When I first arrived in Melbourne, it was the only few buildings I knew and I always met friends at the steps before we went anywhere.

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“ 久违了,墨尔本 !”





这几天的天气很好- 蓝蓝的天, 白白的云朵,暖暖的阳光, 清凉的微风 ….

我驾着我暗红色的车子,奔驰在宽坦的大道上, 空中送来我喜欢的另类音乐电台节目, 一路翠绿的树木….


已与几个朋友去了几间我喜欢的餐馆吃我锺爱的食物 🙂

当然, 工作上也没太大的更改。

虽然我的心境和生活中的许多方面已经改变, 这里的一切还是那么地熟悉, 就好像我从来没有离开过…..

(注:我其实正在大学图书馆为硕士论文埋头苦干,但还是挡不了写部落的瘾,忙里偷闲地写上几句 🙂

“Melbourne, I am back!”

I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed when I arrived in Melbourne. I looked around and smiled -everything is familiar again.

I am temporarily staying with my friend and her family, and been welcomed warmly like a family member.

The weather has been very pleasant for the last few days. The sky is so blue, the cloud is so white, the sun is so gentle, the breeze is so comforting…

I am driving my burgundy Toyota in the Eastern Freeway, listening to my favourite radio stations, and noticing the lovely greens all along the freeway…

Incidently, I ran into a friend immediately when I arrived Melbourne Airport, who happened to work there. Then I met a friend while I was walking in the CBD (Central Business District)…

So far I have been to a couple of my favourite restaurants with a many good friends…..

But work is still the same … :p

Everything here is so familiar that I feel as if I had never left, although many aspects of my personal life have changed since…..

(PS: I am currently in RMIT university library, supposedly should work extremely hard on my Master thesis. However, I obviously can’t resist of my addiction to blogging…… 🙂

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(Dear English readers, please scroll down to find the ‘click’ for English translation)



[嘻嘻! 抱歉,我爱吃,我爸爱吃,我男朋友爱吃 :)写了那么多篇有关美食的贴字,还是要写,而且会继续吃,继续写 :)]


当天一早去甲洞菜市场 (巴刹)买材料。


我也不多说了,贴上几张照片,让你们评, 也让你们羡慕吧!:P

坦白说,老爸煮的咖哩好吃过我的 ! 姜是老的辣 !也难怪,在马买得到新鲜的椰浆和好的咖哩浆。(给自己找藉口:)

还有, 二舅母的甜麦粥加蜀粒, 妈妈的红豆沙……甜品,我的最爱!

哦! 有一件事要提,妈妈和二舅母说,咖哩鸡是不加pandan叶的 ,咖哩叶已够了。原来,是我自作聪明(见生日和饯行晚餐):p 。我被揪出狐狸尾,推搪说多伦多买不到咖哩叶! 这倒是真的。只是,不好意思,误导大家。 抱歉。

可是,当我读到,在劳动节当天,美国,澳门和泰国都有劳工为争取一些权益游行示威。我们却只是快快乐乐吃了一天 (看我的堂弟们吃得多开心),而感到一点点的内疚。

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