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the cooks and their food at Salsa Street Festival

the cooks and their food at Salsa Street Festival

夏天在加拿大是很‘珍贵‘的季节。一年才这三,四个月的阳光,所以,这里的人争取所有机会享受阳光,找尽所有藉口来庆祝。 夏季的每个周末,都有数不完的节目。最普遍的是街头美食节。


如我家附近曾是意大利人聚住的地方,所以这里有个意大利街头美食节。不过,这十多年来,很多意大利人已渐渐搬去其他地区。反而,多了很多加勒比海人和拉丁美洲人。所以,这里在三,四年前开始举办Salsa Street Festival。

Summer is precious here in Canada. Well, it is not hard to understand that, it is the only 3-4 months sunny days Canadians will have for the whole year. Canadians will take every opportunity to enjoy the sunshine, and will make every excuses to go under the sun.  Nearly every weekend is jam-packed with many festivals, shows and activities. One of the most popular events in Toronto is street festivals.

Canada is a multicultural country. It is common that some particular ethic groups live in particular areas, like the Chinatown, Little India etc. Hence, the street festival for a particular culture will most likely be held in that area.


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Koop Island 这个瑞典乐队刚好满足了我。


怎样都好,以下两首歌是我很喜欢的。在此分享, 希望你们也会喜欢。


Recently, I am getting a little tired and bored with the musics Ed and I collected. I am actively looking for some new musics and new voices. Koop Island, this Swedish jazz electonic-pop duet has satisfied my yearn.

The two songs below are the pieces I like the most from them. Hope you like them too.

For those who are interested, you can listen to or watch their show on KCRW.

Come to Me (Sung by Yukimi Nagano )

Koop Island Blues (Sung by Ane Brun)

“Hello my love
It’s getting cold on this island
I’m sad alone
I’m so sad on my own
The truth is
We were much too young
Now I’m looking for you
Or anyone like you

We said goodbye
With the smile on our faces
Now you’re alone
You’re so sad on your own
The truth is
We run out of time
Now you’re looking for me
Or anyone like me

Na na na na…

Hello my love
It’s getting cold on this island
I’m sad alone
I’m so sad on my own
The truth is
We were much too young
Now I’m looking for you
Or anyone like you”

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很喜欢Sia, 一名英国另类歌手,的音乐。



在网上找到她两首较有名的歌 – Breathe Me 和 Sunday, 在此分享 。喜望你们也会喜欢。

最近,她有出一首新歌 – Day Too Soon,也很不错。

I really like musics from Sia, an UK indie music singer. I have heard her musics somewhere some times ago but never knew who she was or never got the chance to look for her until today. I finally found her today and am so happy !

Found two of her more famous songs from youtube, posted here to share. Hope you like them too. Enjoy.

Oh yes. She has a new song titled ‘ Day Too Soon’ released recently. Quite good too.

Breathe me


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今天,上网听我很喜欢的LA电台KCRW 。突然,听到一把美得醉人的歌声唱有点像大戏或山歌的中文歌。 只两,三句中文后,变成了法文歌。 难得听到新的歌声, 就上网‘找’她。

Today, I was listerning to my favarite radio station – KCRW online and suddenly heard this beautiful female voice singing in Chinese with a older Chinese singing style. The song started with a few lines of Chinese and turned into a French song. I was happy to find a new voice and went online to ‘look’ for her.

Jessica Fichot

她在美国出生, 在法国长大。 爸爸是法国人,妈妈是华人。曾为孩童编写歌曲,现在移居LA专注于她的音乐事业。因这种背景,她写的歌很多元化和多种语言。这是她第一张唱片。

“Born in the U.S and raised in France to a French father and Chinese mother, Jessica Fichot’s multicultural upbringing had an early influence on her songwriting.

Fichot’s music career began in small coffee shops in Paris. After traveling to Boston and becoming a graduate of the Berklee School of Music; she wrote childrens’ music for educational programs and has now traveled to Los Angeles to focus on her own music and songwriting. The result is a wonderful debut album called ‘Le Chemin’ which finds her beautiful voice singing in English, French, Spanish and Chinese. The songs ranges in style from classic Django-esque swing to a dreamy Anglo French rendition of the song ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’.” – (intro by KCRW)

也不多写了, 如你有兴趣的话,可以在myspace (http://www.myspace.com/jessicafichot) 听到她的歌。那首 中法文歌歌名是Le Velours rong re si.

I won’t write much here. If you are interested, you can go to myspace (http://www.myspace.com/jessicafichot) to listern to some of her songs. The song I mentioned above is Le Velours rong re si.

不知你喜欢不喜欢这种音乐 ?

Not sure if you like this kind of music ?

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